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Yoga Retreat in Villa Konstantin, Mykonos
Yoga in Mykonos at Villa Konstantin Yoga Retreat

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Yoga Mykonos - Mykonos Yoga Retreat Frances Rivera Mykonos Greece

If you are searching for a something different, something beautiful that will warm your soul and make you feel happy then come and spend some time with us here at Villa K Retreats. We offer daily yoga classes that bring deep, relaxing peace. We also have fitness/pilates/nutritional/spiritual retreats all through our season. Our local and international teachers visit us all summer long to offer their special services and amazing talents. Our retreats/bootcamps/seminars combine self-love, laughter, kindness and the amazing island of Mykonos. We would love you to join us. We have listed some of our retreats for late summer 2017 and we have many more planned for 2018.

Our new space was lovingly created with the intention to bring people together and a sense of being in a home away from home. Mykonos is one of the most famous of all the Greeks islands and has 26 beaches and an atmosphere rarely found anywhere else in the world. Come and enjoy the beautiful island and all is has to offer and at the same time take care of your body and soul.

New retreats each week/month

  • Meditation
  • Asanas and pranayama practices
  • Morning and evening yoga classes
  • Welcome and goodbye drink
  • Αccommodation
  • Breakfast

Morning yoga classes will be a mixture of classical Hatha yoga, Vinyasa flow (one breath per movement sequences), along with Iyengar style segments of structural alignment.

Evening classes will range from Hatha and Vinyasa to Restorative and Yin yoga. Yin yoga will focus more on the inner ligaments, holding poses for longer duration to draw deeper into the body and mind.

Classes technique

The classes will have a great emphasis on the connection with the breath and body, practicing Asana with a Pranayama technique known as Ujjayi breathing. All core asanas will be explained from the base up, covering proper alignment, rotations, and action in each posture. The goal will not be simply to do yoga, but to learn, observe, and experience our bodies, from the material to the esoteric. We have become accustomed to receive our healing from an external source, but yoga must be experienced daily from the inside out.

Villa Konstantin Retreats in Mykonos Greece will offer a diversity of classes and styles. These will appeal to everyone, whether you are a seasoned yogi or a newcomer.

We are hosting several wonderful instructors each year for the duration of the summer. Each and every one of them bring joy and light and new possibilities. We are very grateful to them.

Retreat in Villa Konstantin with...

Frances Rivera / September 10 - 17
Frances Rivera, yoga retreat at Villa Konstantin in Mykonos Greece

Frances Rivera / September 10 - 17 And with us daily for classes from September 10th 2017 to October 15th 2017.

Frances will be teaching twice a day and sharing her gift.

Here is Frances in her own words: I have danced since I was very young, beginning with ballet and then moving into modern and jazz. After dancing in college at UCSB, I continued performing with several small companies. I began taking yoga through various studios around the country, exploring different styles and teachers. A few years ago, I was involved in a very serious motorcycle accident that left me in a coma for a month. Recovery was slow and because of my lack of medical insurance, yoga was my only physical and mental rehabilitation. One of my teachers made such an impression on me that I knew that I wanted to teach. After attaining my 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification, I began teaching full time. I know have certifications in Mat Pilates, Barre, Cardio Kickboxing and I am a 500 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher as well. I teach a variety of classes, from a very meditative beginning flow, to an advanced power yoga sculpt. I like to offer options in each class so that the student can choose, depending on his or her level of fitness or physical or mental state that day.

Yoga is such a personal, non-competitive discipline that I like to encourage and empower each student to take care of themselves and slowly see why and how each pose is effective in balancing the body. This can mean going to their personal edge and challenging themselves, or taking a more restorative, gentle practice. The philosophy I weave through all my classes is one that is compassionate, empowering and full of gratitude. I encourage each student to be content with where they are that day and in life and at the same time believe in the dreams and "desires of the heart" present within all of us. Yoga helps to quiet the mind of the fear, insecurity and doubt and leads us to grow and expand with the universe. My prayer is that each student finds some "nugget of wisdom" or alignment cues that leave them feeling better at the end of class, in their body and in life.

Frances will be with us once again this September to bring her own style of love, humour and power. She teaches yoga with a unique style with emphasis on alignment and strength. Here are a few words from Frances about her experience last year at Villa Konstantin.
"Villa Konstantin is the perfect location to host a yoga or fitness retreat. The owner, Sharon, is a perfect host and can accommodate different dietary needs and room accommodations. The grounds are gorgeous with a view of the Mediterranean and the food is simple and delicious. Sharon makes every guest feel truly loved and with a wonderful sense of humour and a love of life. I would recommend this fantastic Villa to anyone who has a workshop to share in the breathtaking Mykonos. If you visit once you will be back for more. I promise."

For more information on this instructor, her retreats and classes please e-mail us directly.

Frances A. Brown

You can see the following two videos of Frances
Video #1 -- Video #2

Haroula Makropoulou / September 18 - 24 & October 1 - 7
Haroula Makropoulou, yoga retreat at Villa Konstantin in Mykonos Greece

Here are the details of Haroulas Retreats From September 18th-24th for 6 days.

Fitness Retreats in Mykonos.
Re-energize and rebalance your body

  • Our fitness Retreats focus on health and wellness through physical exercise and fun challenges.
  • We aim to develop our physical condition and muscle strength, to activate our metabolism and of course have fun.

We have created two group Retreats in Mykonos Greece at Villa Konstantin.

  • Weight Loss Retreat from the 18th until the 24th of September
  • Body and Mind Retreat from the 1st until the 7th of October

Weight Loss Retreat.

  • One welcome meeting with the trainer that includes all details needed for the Retreat
  • One BEACH Boot camp
  • One TRX camp
  • One CIRCUIT training
  • One INTERVAL training
  • One training at the Running Track
  • Daily full Body Workout at 7pm
  • One Goody bag
  • Goodbye Party

Body and Mind Retreat

  • One welcome meeting with the trainer that includes all details needed for the Retreat
  • One Body Weight Training
  • One Functional Training
  • One Plyo Progression Workout
  • Daily full Body Workout at 7pm
  • Two power stretching and breathing control sessions
  • One trip to Delos that includes a workout on one of the most beautiful beaches
  • One Goody Bag
  • Goodbye Party

Daily Optional Yoga.

Instructor: Haroula Makropoulou
“I am a Sports and Fitness expert, Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist. I am certified with the Degree of Physical Education and Sports Science after having completed all my studies in the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, in Greece. Having been in this type of Business for many years and having owned a Fitness Studio previously I have managed to gain peoples trust and respect. I approach fitness from a scientific orientation with a holistic eye, promoting safe and healthy exercise. I will teach you how to burn fat, strengthen your muscles and be happy with yourself”.

If you are looking to take your fitness level to the next stage, boost your metabolism and have a fun healthy holiday then these are the Retreats for you!

”The difference between your body this week & next week is what you do for the next seven days to achieve your goals”

Contacts: 00306944777674 Or 00306943133646
Email: villa.k.retreats@gmail.com or makropoulou@gmail.com

For more information on this instructor, her retreats and classes please e-mail us directly.

Jovana Jelic / September 24 - 30
Jovana Jelic, yoga retreat at Villa Konstantin in Mykonos Greece

Jovana Jelic / September 24 - 30 And with us daily all summer long until September 30th. Jovana will also be our resident yoga/pilates expert on site for summer 2018 so check out her retreats.

Yoga & Pilates Contrology Retreat With Jovana Jelic

  • Train and relax your body, release from stress, meet new friends and live in the beautiful Villa Konstantin for a week at our magical island
  • Discover your body, discover Mykonos

What does this experience offer you?

This retreat is based around healthy movements and it is designed for those who want to get stronger, leaner and improve their mobility, flexibility and posture while having fun on the island of Mykonos.

After this week you will learn:

  • To control your body
  • To release from stress and improve your breathing
  • To exercise correctly
  • To eat healthy
  • What your abilities and limits are

This program will give you the opportunity to experience one of the most beautiful Greek islands.
“ I am so happy to be working with Sharon and her team. We found each other at the right time to manifest our dreams. Villa Konstantin is a place of laughter, happiness and peace. It is what everyone needs. Come and join us”

Workshop 1: Discover your body Every one of us has a different body, no body is perfect. We will learn how to improve posture, by exercising correctly.

Workshop 2: Yoga & Pilates breathing
Most of the people breath only with the help of their upper lungs, not bringing enough oxygen into the lungs. We will learn how to breath completely and therapeutically.

Workshop 3: Food
You are asked to write what you ate in the past week. Be truthful to yourself and bring your notes with you!

Workshop 4: Yoga & Pilates philosophy
Yoga dates back thousands of years and Pilates has been popular for the last few decades. What is the relationship between these two techniques? What is contrology? We will learn how important consciousness is in our daily life.

Workshop 5: SURPRISE

  • Morning yoga: 8.00-9.00
  • Breakfast: 9.00-11.00
  • Workshop 11.30-12.30
Free time:
  • Pilates 17.30-18.30

Optional activities available:

  • Transfer to the beaches and around
  • Massage, SPA
  • Get ski, water activities
  • Yoga one-to-one
  • Pilates one-to-one
  • Diving
  • Boat trips to beaches
  • Trip to Delos
  • Horse back riding
  • Others

The price includes:

  • Room/ Suite
  • Breakfast
  • Welcome drink
  • One Yoga and one Pilates class daily
  • Workshops
  • Transfer to/from the airport/port
  • Wi-fi

Jovana Jelic
Retreat Instructor

  • All group and personal trainings are instructed by Jovana Jelic who is a certified AF Studies instructor by the only Pilates Academy in Greece that gives PMA (Pilates Method Alliance-USA) certification.
  • She is also certified as a Yoga instructor by the International YogaAcademy based in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade.
  • She studied Business Marketing, wrote and published three novels and organized and participated in many Humanitarian events.

For more information on this instructor, her retreats and classes please e-mail us directly.

Jovana Jelic will be with us in 2018! Please check the dates below:

  • May 6 – 13
  • May 20 – 27
  • June 3 – 10

Host a perfect Retreat with us ...

Create and organize your own Retreat

Create and organize your own Yoga/Pilates/Cross/Aqua/Cardio & Aerobic/TRX or any other wonderful Retreat here at Villa Konstantin. Located on the magical island of Mykonos Greece, you have the opportunity to go on a life changing journey.

We have two beautiful spaces for you to enjoy. Our unique indoor space with wooden floor, amazing lighting and integrated sound system makes every class a pleasure.

Our other space is located at the pool and is protected from the sun and wind with magnificent sea views. Here you can enjoy an outdoor session and be at one with the Greek elements.

Here are some of our past and present instructors.

Lacey Duant, yoga retreat at Villa Konstantin in Mykonos Greece
Lacey Daunt

Lacey is from Montauk New York.
She runs, writes blogs, teaches Yoga, Pilates and educates on lifestyle choices. Lacey was with us in June 2016.

Stevie Ray Zendejas, yoga retreat at Villa Konstantin in Mykonos Greece
Stevie Ray Zendejas

Stevie is from New York.
He is an international Yoga practitioner, director and lead instructor of Ganesha Yoga Rishikesh in India. “Villa Konstantin has a beautiful blend of a paradise get-away and a home away from home. Their accommodations are spacious yet cozy and my student’s always felt well taken care of as if they were family”. Stevie was with us in June 2016. His website is: www.ganeshayogaschool.com

Frances Rivera, yoga retreat at Villa Konstantin in Mykonos Greece
Frances Rivera

Frances is from California.
She is a kickboxing, Mat Pilates, Barre and 500 hours certified teacher. Frances was with us May 2016 and will be again in September/October 2017. Watch the Video

Jovanna Jelic, yoga retreat at Villa Konstantin in Mykonos Greece
Jovanna Jelic

Jovanna is from Serbia.
She is a certified AF Studies instructor by the only Pilates Academy in Greece that gives PMA certification and the International Yoga Academy based in Belgrade, Serbia. Jovanna is with us for the summer of 2017-2018.

Haroula Makropoulou, yoga retreat at Villa Konstantin in Mykonos Greece
Haroula Makropoulou

Haroula is from Greece.
She is a Sports and Fitness expert, Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist. Certified with the Degree of Physical Education and Sports Science from the National and Kapodistrian University in Athens. She is with us this September – October 2017.

Debbie Kerjkic, yoga retreat at Villa Konstantin in Mykonos Greece
Debbie Kerjkic

Debbie is from California.
Gaining her ERYT-200 signifies Debbie's commitment and love of yoga. Debbie also holds certifications in Pilates, Personal Training, & Thai Massage. She specializes in a Gentle- (ish) Vinyasa & Yin. Debbie was with us September-October 2016.

Margie Pargie, yoga retreat at Villa Konstantin in Mykonos Greece
Margie Pargie

Margie is from Florida.
She is a qualified yoga teacher and aerial Yoga teacher, author, blogger and world thought leader. Her yoga training began in 2013 and continues to fuel her passion and zest for life. She was with us this May 2017. Watch the Video

Luana Fara, yoga retreat at Villa Konstantin in Mykonos Greece
Luana Fara

Luana is from Costa Rica.
She is a Yoga instructor and student with 7 years experience teaching Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa. From Contemporary Dance to Pilates instructor, from Ayurvedic Therapist to Health Coaching, from traveler to a yoga devoted soul. She was with us May and June 2017. www.luanafarayoga.com

For more information, please e-mail us directly.