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Yoga Retreat in Villa Konstantin, Mykonos
Yoga in Mykonos at Villa Konstantin Yoga Retreat

Yoga in Mykonos Mykonos Yoga Retreat at Villa Konstantin Mykonos Greece

Yoga Mykonos - Mykonos Yoga Retreat Frances Rivera Mykonos Greece

If you are searching for a paradise vacation, amazing beaches, famous nightlife and wonderful restaurants combined with deep, relaxing yoga classes twice a day every day then look no further than Villa Konstantin Retreat.

Our new yoga space was lovingly created to invite people on a vacation that can be thoroughly enjoyed on all levels. Mykonos is one of the most famous of all the Greeks islands and has 26 beaches and an atmosphere rarely found anywhere else in the world. Come and enjoy the beautiful island and all is has to offer and at the same time take care of your body and soul.


  • 2 deep meditation sessions
  • Asanas and pranayama practices
  • Morning and evening yoga classes
  • Welcome and goodbye drink
  • Αccommodation
  • All breakfasts

Morning yoga classes will be a mixture of classical Hatha yoga, Vinyasa flow (one breath per movement sequences), along with Iyengar style segments of structural alignment.

Evening classes will range from Hatha and Vinyasa to Restorative and Yin yoga. Yin yoga will focus more on the inner ligaments, holding poses for longer duration to draw deeper into the body and mind.

Classes technique

The classes will have a great emphasis on the connection with the breath and body, practicing Asana with a Pranayama technique known as Ujjayi breathing. All core asanas will be explained from the base up, covering proper alignment, rotations, and action in each posture. The goal will not be simply to do yoga, but to learn, observe, and experience our bodies, from the material to the esoteric. We have become accustomed to receive our healing from an external source, but yoga must be experienced daily from the inside out.

Villa Konstantin Retreats in Mykonos Greece will offer a diversity of classes and styles. These will appeal to everyone, whether you are a seasoned yogi or a newcomer.

We are inviting several instructors this year in May and early June and also from mid September to the end of October. Here are our guest instructors. We are so excited and happy that they are joining us.

Retreat in Villa Konstantin with...

Frances Rivera / May 1 - June 10
Frances Rivera, yoga retreat at Villa Konstantin in Mykonos Greece

Frances will be teaching twice a day and sharing her gift.

Here is Frances in her own words: I have danced since I was very young, beginning with ballet and then moving into modern and jazz. After dancing in college at UCSB, I continued performing with several small companies. I began taking yoga through various studios around the country, exploring different styles and teachers. A few years ago, I was involved in a very serious motorcycle accident that left me in a coma for a month. Recovery was slow and because of my lack of medical insurance, yoga was my only physical and mental rehabilitation. One of my teachers made such an impression on me that I knew that I wanted to teach. After attaining my 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification, I began teaching full time. I know have certifications in Mat Pilates, Barre, Cardio Kickboxing and I am a 500 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher as well. I teach a variety of classes, from a very meditative beginning flow, to an advanced power yoga sculpt. I like to offer options in each class so that the student can choose, depending on his or her level of fitness or physical or mental state that day. Yoga is such a personal, non-competitive discipline that I like to encourage and empower each student to take care of themselves and slowly see why and how each pose is effective in balancing the body. This can mean going to their personal edge and challenging themselves, or taking a more restorative, gentle practice. The philosophy I weave through all my classes is one that is compassionate, empowering and full of gratitude. I encourage each student to be content with where they are that day and in life and at the same time believe in the dreams and "desires of the heart" present within all of us. Yoga helps to quiet the mind of the fear, insecurity and doubt and leads us to grow and expand with the universe. My prayer is that each student finds some "nugget of wisdom" or alignment cues that leave them feeling better at the end of class, in their body and in life.

You can see Frances in this Watch the Video

For more information on this instructor, her retreats and classes please e-mail us directly.

Lacey Duant / June 5 - 12
Lacey Duant, yoga retreat at Villa Konstantin in Mykonos Greece

We are delighted to have Lacey Duant with us for this special week. Lacey was born and raised in a small quaint town on the eastern most tip of Long Island; Montauk. Living within a 5 minute walk from the ocean stemmed her irresistible love for the water (Surfing, free-diving and swimming are among some of her favorite water sports.)

The cold winters in Montauk ultimately forced her away to a more tropical paradise; Hawaii. Currently, she resides on the small island of Oahu. Being surrounded by fresh fruits and vegetables that are grown locally makes her plant-based lifestyle simple. She spends her free time running a blog intended to educate others on lifestyle choices and how they affect our health, other beings and our planet.

Along with the ocean and Mother Nature, Lacey had always had a love for holistic healing, energy and exercise. In 2012, she went through intensive training to become a certified Pilates instructor via Power Pilates, NYC. In 2013, she attended the largest holistic nutrition school in the country, Institute for Integrative nutrition, where she was taught over hundreds of dietary theories and life methods. During this time she worked alongside QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) Practitioner Karen Panish where they tested the human body non-invasively using energy and organ frequencies to detect weakness' in the body.

Lacey also worked as a nutritionist for the company MINDBODY during a three month wellness challenge for employees where she guided them to find their personal path to ultimate healing. With her Health Coaching degree, experience in the health field and Pilates certification she began taking on clients personally and globally via e-mail. One year later, she decided to follow her passions on another healing journey to Bali, Indonesia to become a certified yoga instructor. During this course, she was taught the true foundation of yoga that extends beyond the physical practice. She developed an understanding of the mind-body connection, meditation and enlightenment - a learning journey that made the trip a life-changing experience. After completing her 200 hour YTT in Bali, she returned back to her home in Hawaii.

Lacey has now added yoga to her healing practice. She teaches all classes from static yin, to hatha, to fast paced vinyasa flows. She specializes in private lessons by creating personal sequences for individuals. Lacey has always held bio-individuality - the concept that every person is uniquely different - above all. She personalizes her 1:1 health coaching, pilates lessons and yoga lessons to fit the individual at hand. Lacey primarily bases her practice in Hawaii, but travels back to New York to teach in the summers.

For more information on this instructor, her retreats and classes please e-mail us directly.

Debbie Krejci / September 11 - October 10
Debbie Krejci, yoga retreat at Villa Konstantin in Mykonos Greece

Here are a few words about Debbie. After several injuries, Debbie turned to Yoga & Pilates for more rehabilitation after all else had failed & found that it offered what she needed to heal & strengthen her body. Gaining her ERYT-200 signifies Debbie's commitment and love of yoga. Debbie's experience, light-hearted approach & clear instruction enable students of all levels to find ease & joy in their practice of yoga. Debbie also holds certifications in Pilates, Personal Training, & Thai Massage. She specializes in a Gentle- (ish) Vinyasa & Yin. Make no mistake, her Power Classes are a force to be reckoned with! Believing that yoga can and should be fun and accessible to all levels; her classes leave you feeling oh so happy you came. A former firefighter/paramedic & marathon runner, Debbie will challenge you to see your limitations as simply plateaus in disguise. All the while understanding the subtle differences happening in your body during your yoga practice. What a gift that awareness of body is.

Here is one of Debbie Retreat Programmes to have an idea of the things she can bring to us here at Villa Konstantin.

A Wellness Retreat in Mykonos

Day One

  • Meditation then fresh juice/fruit
  • Morning Yoga Stretch
  • Breakfast
  • Discussion on Acidic and Alkali foods
  • Lunch
  • Free time for excursion/massage/town shopping
  • Yoga with review of Sun Salutations and breath combo Dinner

Day Two

  • Meditation then juice
  • Yin Yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Demo/Assist with making a super healthy lunch
  • Free time
  • Yoga w emphasis on alignment of poses

Day Three

  • Mandala drawing for Meditation then juice
  • Yoga Morning stretch
  • Breakfast
  • Discuss Hips, Shoulders and Spine
  • Free time
  • Yoga for Back Pain and Yo

Day Four

  • Mandala drawing then juice
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Essential Oils
  • Free time
  • Yin Yoga

Debbie also likes to add movement class , massage, mindfulness…and more.

For more information on this instructor, her retreats and classes please e-mail us directly.

Margie Pargie / October 1st - 31
Margie Pargie

Margie Pargie is a yoga teacher, author, blogger and world thought leader. She helps people to reconnect to the light within. She is someone who inspires the world through her actions to live in alignment, take inspired action and to love themselves. She shares her tools with the world to through her e-book, The Sexy Transformation Challenge. Her book is a 28 day mind, body and spirit makeover meant to free people from their mind and love themselves unconditionally. She is a playful yoga teacher who helps people to only do what makes their heart feel juicy and delicious. After losing half of her family in only a year, she sought therapy through kundalini yoga, gestalt therapy, travelling the USA for 3 months and dedicated practice of meditation. Her yoga training began in 2013 and continues to fuel her passion and zest for life.

You can see Margie in this Watch the Video

For more information on this instructor, her retreats and classes please e-mail us directly.